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The Contributions of Muslim Faith-Based Organizations to Development: The Case of Muhammadiyah in Indonesia

By Wagma Isaqzoy | Abstract | The objective of this research is to contribute to the limited literature that deals with development from a religious standpoint. This includes a critique of a Eurocentric definition of development and the potential of religion within culturally diverse societies where religion and development are thought to be the two sides of the same coin. In search for answers to the question of whether and how Muslim Faith-Based Organizations contribute to development, this thesis examines the role of Islam within the discourse of development using the case of Indonesia. The thesis demonstrates how Islam in Indonesia is proving to play an active role in the development of its society and contributing to the enhancement of women’s social condition. This is mainly due to the dynamic of Faith Based Organizations within the Indonesian society; the use of the Islam as a guiding principle; and women’s participation in the interpretation of religious texts.

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